The California Independent System Operator (CA-ISO) is a non-profit Independent System Operator (ISO) that operates and serves California. CA-ISO manages about 80% of the greater part of California's electric power system, transmission lines and the market generated and transmitted by its member utilities.


CA-ISO's primary mission is to "operate the grid reliably and efficiently, provide fair and open transmission access, promote environmental stewardship, and facilitate effective markets and promote infrastructure development."

Electric Metering is a CA-ISO mandatory tool that ensures accurate revenue data and accounting along with ISO operational visibility.

CA-ISO Compliance ensures that all the related documentation, tests, and validations are performed resulting in the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Compliance is required to commercially participate and generate settlement statements based on Meter Data within the ISO market.




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Meet our Director of technical services

Jesus Ceja has numerous years working with CA-ISO and began his work as a CA-ISO Revenue Metering Engineering and Training. Jesus is most likely already familiar with your facility having been a CA-ISO compliance auditor.

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