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Many in the CA-ISO industry have already interacted with Jesus over the years through his work as a CA-ISO Revenue Metering Engineer and Trainer. Jesus is likely already familiar with your facilities and revenue metering installations, from his earlier work as a CA-ISO Compliance auditor.  There is also a reasonable chance, that he assisted with the engineering for your revenue metering when the facility first became part of the CA-ISO grid!


Experience, Certifications & Attributes:

  • Commitment to accuracy and integrity

  • CA-ISO Revenue Metering Engineer

  • CA-ISO Site Auditor

  • CA-ISO Certified Inspector No. 003

  • CA-ISO Instructor for Certification Candidates

  • 20+ Years of Utility Meter Testman & Engineer

"Having the opportunity to work closely on the same TEAM with these knowledgeable and experienced Technicians, who offer such generous support, greatly assists in this initial transition. They have helped to set an impressive continuing standard here at AMPS-DMS. I intend to uphold and build upon this heritage, in my capacity as Director of Technical Services" -Jesus Ceja

Jesus will likely be involved in your next revenue metering project and or the annual calibration accuracy testing when performed by AMPS-DMS. 

California ISO Certified

  • New Metering Installations

  • Metering Installation Modifications

  • "ISO" Certifications

Meter Assistance

  • Engineering

  • Consultation

  • Expert Testimony

California ISO Engineering

  • Metering Systems Engineering

  • Metering System Design

  • Metering Systems Programming